First Racing Team

Original Paddlers

Hernando Race 2019

2019 SPARTA70: Forever Young

Sparta70 Morning Practice

Morning Prep

Coach Bob Arrives

Mustering the Troops

Return from Practice

Wash and Wax

Loving our morning meeting

Lake Miona Sunrise

Docking to Load

Pep Talk on the Water

Cleaning the Boat

High 5 for Team Spirit

enjoy your coffee during this holiday season and stay safe

2021:  do not doubt yourself

       Practice gratitude

      Set daily personal goals

returning to the water using GMDBC and CDC guidance 


The Covid-19 pandemic has forced changes in Dragon Boating 

activities as it has with many other normalcies in life. The inability to practice on the water and our lack of competitive racing, has not left us idle or without activity.  During late spring and during the summer, to remain in good physical condition, Sparta70 held exercise classes twice weekly under the direction of our sport coaches Barb and Lorraine.  We also remained in contact with one another via Zoom.  During the months in which originally scheduled racing competitions were cancelled, we continued to exercise and practice "paddling" on dry land.   



    boats covered for too long

  our warm up exercises

boats to the dock........master to board

loading the boats.....OMG....this feels great!!!

Boat number 2..prepare to back paddle

Heaven again! 👍❤️

You mean we have to share the lake??

returning to the dock

Coach Kane.                back to shore 

 pull the boat on shore and lets do the covid cleaning

"""😎🎶we are family""".   Good job guys!

Happy Holidays

and stay safe and warm

Happy New Year 2021