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In the wake of recent consultations, the US and several other like-minded countries have petitioned the International Dragon Boat Federation ( and the Global Association of International Sports Federations ( to establish a new and more equitable "D" division where teams composed of racers 70 years and older can compete against each other in international dragon boat races. The Villages SPARTA70 dragon boat team is the first and currently the ONLY USA 70+ team established and certified to compete in the new "D" division.

Under the professional training of retired Marine Coach Bob Kane and Assistant Coach Anne Simonsen, dedicated team members have been training wholeheartedly to compete in the upcoming Concord-Pacific Dragon Boat Festival scheduled for June 19-22, 2020 in Vancouver, Canada. The three day festival is the largest water sporting event in Canada with more than 200 dragon boat teams and over 160,000 world wide spectators. Sparta70 also plans to participate in the 2020 USA Championships and the 2021 World Dragon Boat Championships that will be held in Sarasota, Florida. We fully intend to dominate the International competitions in the new 70+ division, bringing recognition and honor to The Villages and the United States.

It is evident that our team members have made choices to remain active and fit for life. They realized that there are unlimited opportunities as we age. Recent aging studies have shown brain fitness exercises include sequencing and physical exercise. Paddling is all about rhythm and synchronization. The endorphins from paddling keep us in good health, physically fit, mentally alert and happy.

A team is not about individual glory, it's about unification with determination and dedication.

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